Toll Roads Fee Waved for Disabled Veterans, Purple Heart and Legion of Honor.

Benefit for Disabled Veterans:

If you are a veteran with at least 50% service connected disabled, or 40% with an amputation, with Disabled Veteran Plates (DV), Purple Heart Plates, or Legion of Valor Plates, you may qualify to have toll road fees waived for life. The Toll equipment will recognize your tags without having to buy an EZ Tag. If you are under 50% see the last section for benefits. Every form you need can be found here. Also, here is a list of Military Plates

Who is Eligible:

  • 50% service connected disabled
  • 40% service connected amuputee
  • Purple Heart
  • Legion of Valor (Bronze Star, Silver Star, Medal of Honor...)
  • Vehicle must be registered in Texas

How do I Sign Up:

  • Go to your local Tax Assessor-Collector Office. Locate yours HERE and use the right tool bar to get specific. 
  • Take your VA letter of of Disability
  • Take your DD214 
  • Take Filled out VTR-615.pdf for your Disabled Veteran license plates
  • Take your (2) forms of Picture ID: Drivers License, Passport, Student ID, Military ID.
  • Take a checkbook, or cash. 


  • Toll Roads that require EZ Tag are free 
  • Public Parking (not private) downtown is free for 2-hours
  • Parking at the Airport is free for as long as you are away

Under 50% Disabled:

You can represent your branch, veteran status and more, with specialty liscense plates SPECIFICALLY for veterans. Click HERE to view them

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The "300"
Comment by Ian Eric Cock on April 13, 2015 at 2:19pm
Bryan. I became a member of LSVA last year when I retired so far or has been a fountain of information. I have a question about the toll road and bronze star plates. I finally got my bronze star plates for my truck but when I asked HCTRA about free tool they only said DV, PURPLE HEART, or MEDAL OF HONOR. they didn't know anything about the others. Could you give me a reference so I can be better prepared the next time I go in.
Comment by Alton Williams Jr. on September 2, 2014 at 12:27pm

This is awesome!! I did it for one car, now i'm waiting on the registration for my new car!!

Comment by John S. Tamez on May 26, 2014 at 11:22am

Thanks Bryan

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