Well I wanted to try to gain attention to Homestead Tax Reduction for VA disability. I feel like there a need for some changes how the Homestead Tax reduction is applied to veterans.  there is two main concerns that factor into this. First VA backlog keep veterans from using this benefit for almost a year. My VA claim was filed in August of 2013. I am still pending a decision. So for this year I will not be able to use the property tax reduction for this year. Granted there are exceptions for 100% Disabled veterans those do take place same month when applied for. I think it would be fair if the state backdate to the beginning of the year or from the time you move into the house. ONCE THE VA DISABILTY RATING IS GRANTED. I think it is unfair to deny the reduction in taxes for full year cause it out of our control.

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Comment by Margarita Santana on April 17, 2014 at 4:50pm

James before I was 100% I submitted my paperwork and they went by my date on the ltr and back paid me.  So no worries.  At lease you will get it back at the end.

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