I'm in the loop near 610/290. What group would I sign up with?



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What other groups are there?

You could choose between inner loop and northwest.

That's around the area I live in. I ended up joining the NW group 

Hey guys/gals,

There are a lotta socials in the area that we are throwing, the one in Katy, Downtown as well as the ones I throw on the N/NW side with the Pizza Socials and Movie Socials. But remember the goal of LSVA is that we ALL hang out and form "clicks" so lets make sure we do our best to get outside our comfort zones and explore what Houston and LSVA have to offer. Astros, Aeros, Dynamo, Rocket games... take advantage of it all. There will be a Pizza Social coming up really soon as well as a movie night... eyes open!


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